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    Click It Tourney Tracker - Download and Install

Click It Tourney Tracker
Download the Free Evaluation Version
Download, Install, and Quick Start Tutorial

Download Now

Click It Tourney Tracker may be downloaded for free. This is the Evaluation version. You will be limited to only 5 participants until you purchase the key to unlock it. We recommend that you first try the Evaluation version of the program to see if you like its features. There is also a 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee if you decide to purchase the progran. System Requirements may be found on the Features page.


File Name Size Download this one if... Download
TourneyTrackerJRESetup1_1.exe 15.0 MB Download this one if you know you need the JRE; or if you don't know but have a high speed internet connection Download
TourneyTrackerSetup1_1.exe 1.05 MB Download this one if you know you don't need the JRE; or if you don't know but have a slow dial up connection Download

Click the Download button to download the program. If you are given an option to Run or Save the program, select the option to save it. The file it downloads will be called TourneyTrackerJRESetup1_1.exe or TourneyTrackerSetup1_1.exe. Make a note of where it is downloading this file on your computer.


  1. Double click on the TourneyTrackerJRESetup1_1.exe or TourneyTrackerSetup1_1.exe file that you just downloaded.
  2. You may take all the defaults.
  3. Click Install to finish the installation.

If you got a warning that "The publisher could not be verified", you may ignore the message. See our support page for more details.

Quick Start Tutorial

This Quick Start Tutorial may also be found in the User's Guide.

To track your own tournament, perform the following steps:

  1. Start Click It Tourney Tracker by double clicking the Click It Tourney Tracker icon on your desktop or in your Start Menu, or by double clicking on any file with a .ttr extension.

    If you are currently using the Evaluation version, the Unregistered Copy of Click It Tourney Tracker window will appear. If you wish to continue using it as an Evaluation version, simply click the OK button.
    1. If you want to register your copy of Click It Tourney Tracker, go to the Register/Purchase page to register it.
    2. After you register it, you will be sent a Registration Name and Key.
    3. To get your program out of Evaluation mode you need to enter the Registration Name and Key in the Unregistered Copy of Click It Tourney Tracker window exactly as they are sent to you, including spaces and upper/lower case letters, and click the OK button.

  2. Press Ctrl-N to start a new tournament.
  3. Enter team names in each of the brackets.
  4. Click Participants / Edit Participants.
  5. Enter the information about the first participant in the text fields.
  6. Click each team in the Teams in the Tournament list, in the order that person picked each team - this will move each team name into the Picks for this participant list.
  7. Press Enter or click Add. This will add the new participant's name to the Participants list and clear the fields to add another participant.
  8. Repeat steps 5 through 7 for each participant in the tournament.
  9. Occasionally click Save All if you are entering a lot of participants.
  10. Click Done when done adding participants.
  11. Click the check boxes to select the winner of each bracket.
  12. Click Save to save the tournament.
  13. Click View / Standings to view participant standings based on their picks and how the teams are doing in each of their brackets.
  14. Click File / Exit or Ctrl-Q to exit the program.
This is only a quick start tutorial, to quickly set up a new tournament. There are many more options you can use to help tailor the tournament to your specific needs. Please refer to Features page to read about some of those options, or refer to the User's Guide that comes with Click It Tourney Tracker, for the specifics of those options. Or simply explore the Click It Tourney Tracker program that you just installed. Everything is just a click away!


You may uninstall Click It Tourney Tracker by taking the Uninstall option from the Godtland Software / Click It Tourney Tracker item on your Start Menu.

Installation to Other Operating Systems

Currently, the only Click It Tourney Tracker installer available is for the Windows Operating System. If you would like a copy of the Click It Tourney Tracker Evaluation version or Registered version without the Windows Installer so you could manually install it on another operating system, please contact Godtland Software Corporation Sales at

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