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Batch Watermark - Screen Shots

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Main Window

The main window consists of a Title Bar, Menu Bar, Watermark Tools, Image Tools, Preview Pane, and Watermark Size/Location Control. It also shows the name of the current watermark file, the name of the current image being edited, and the name the program is registered to.

Watermark and Image Tools

With the Watermark and image tools, you can create, open, and save different watermarks in different files. You can edit the text of a watermark, change the font, make it bold or italic, or align rows of watermark text on the left, center, or right. The text style may be plain, outline, hollow, shadow, raised, or engraved. You can set the opacity of the watermark text, as well as center the watermark in the image, and change the foreground and background colors used for the plan, outline, hollow, or shadow style watermarks.

You may load one or more images at a time, mark the images, as well as rotate the current image.

The bounding box around the watermark text is its size and location controller. With it, you can stretch or compress the watermark text to any size as well as move the watermark to any location on the image.

Drag and Drop To Quickly Mark Images

Watermark your images by dragging them from Windows Explorer and dropping them on the Batch Watermark desktop icon. All dropped images will be marked using the current watermark settings.

Mark Images Options

The Mark Images Options lists the images to be marked, provides options for resizing those images, handling a watermark that doesn't fit, and customizing the marked images file name and directory. From this window, you may mark one image at a time, skip any images, mark them all at once, or modify the watermark.

Watermark Log

If you mark more than one image, you will be presented with a Watermark Log after all the images have been marked. The log lists which images have been marked, cropped, and scaled; what their new names and locations are; and which ones have not been marked and why.

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