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    Batch Watermark - Quick Start Tutorial

Batch Watermark - Quick Start Tutorial

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This Quick Start Tutorial may also be found in the User's Guide. Before you start this tutorial, be sure to download and install Batch Watermark.

To add a Watermark to an Image

  1. Start Batch Watermark by double clicking the Batch Watermark icon on your desktop or in your Start Menu, or by double clicking on any file with a .bwm extension.

    If you are currently using the Evaluation version, the Unregistered Copy of Batch Watermark window will appear. If you wish to continue using it as an Evaluation version, simply click the OK button.
    1. If you register your copy of Batch Watermark, you will be sent a Registration Name and Key.
    2. To get your program out of Evaluation mode you need to enter the Registration Name and Key in the Unregistered Copy of Batch Watermark window exactly as they are sent to you, including spaces and upper/lower case letters, and click the OK button.

  2. Click Image / Load Image or Ctrl-I to load a different image.
  3. Click Text / Edit Text or Ctrl-E to enter different watermark text, then click OK. Note, if your copy of Batch Watermark is not registered, you will not be allowed to change the watermark text.
  4. Click any tools in the toolbar to change the appearance of the watermark or image.
  5. Click and drag within the watermark text to reposition it.
  6. Click and drag on the box surrounding the watermark text to stretch or compress the size of the watermark text.
  7. Click File / Save or Ctrl-S to save the watermark, or click File / Save As or Ctrl-Shift-S to save the watermark with a different name.
  8. Click Image / Mark Image or Ctrl-M to mark the image.
  9. Click Mark Image or Mark All Images.
  10. Click OK on the results message.
  11. Click File / Exit or Ctrl-Q to close Batch Watermark.
The next time you run Batch Watermark, it will default to the same watermark file and image.

To Quickly Mark Many Images with the Same Watermark

  1. Drag several image files (.jpg, .png, or .gif) from Windows Explorer and drop them on the Batch Watermark icon on your desktop.
  2. Click Mark Image or Mark All Images.
  3. Click OK on the results message.

This is only a quick start tutorial, to quickly mark an image. There are many more features to customize the watermark. Please refer to the User's Guide for the details of those options. The User's Guide can be found by clicking Start / Programs / Godtland Software / Batch Watermark / Batch Watermark User's Guide or, if the Batch Watermark program is open, click Help / User's Guide.

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