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    Batch Watermark - Features

Batch Watermark - Features

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Why Watermark Your Images?

Copyright Your Image - Protect your images on the Web by adding a subtle copyright mark to images that you don't want others to copy.

Promote Yourself - Claim authorship by adding vivid contact information to images that you do want others to copy.

Have Fun - Share your thoughts by adding your favorite phrases to your own photos.

If you aren't 100% satisfied, notify us within 30 days for a full refund. Please include your registration name and e-mail address.

Protect Your Images!

In most cases, copying images from the Web is as easy as right clicking on the image and choosing Save Image. Prevent others from taking your favorite photographs from your Web site and using them for their own personal or commercial use. Add a watermark so others may enjoy seeing your photos while making them useless for other purposes.

Easy to Use!

Drag and Drop - Just drag images from Windows Explorer onto the Batch Watermark desktop icon to quickly and easily mark many images at once.

What Makes Batch Watermark Special?

Here are a few of the features that we think make Batch Watermark special. Go to the Screen Shots page to see the screens that show some of these features:

  • Customizable Watermark - Toolbar buttons are provided to make it easy to customize the appearance of the watermark text:
    • Text Appearance - choose any font that is installed on your computer, and choose from a variety of styles, including bold, italic, left align, center align, right align, plain, outline, shadow, hollow, raised, and engraved. You also set the transparncy and color of the text.
    • Text Size and Shape - Stretch or copress the watermark text to any size and shape.
    • Text location - Move the watermark to any position, even to extend past the edge of the image (effectively cropping the watermark). Use a center tool to center the watermark on the image, or use constraint keys to restrict movement to only horizontal or vertical.
    • Save Different Settings - Save different watermark settings in different watermark settings files so you can reuse watermarks any time.
  • Manipulate the Image - Options are provided to allow you to manipulate the image.
    • Rotate - Rotate an image before you mark it.
    • Resize - Opt to have the image resized as it is being marked. You may resize by width, by height, or by whichever is greater, all the while maintaining the original image proportions.
  • Marking the Image - Batch Watermark keeps you in control as you mark images.
    • Original Image Remains Untouched - All watermarked images are new files, leaving the original image files unaffected.
    • Monitor Watermarks - When getting ready to mark more than one image at a time, you may choose to preview each image before it is marked, thus giving you the option to change any watermark settings, or to mark them all.
    • Images of all Shapes and Sizes - Batch Watermark handles marking images of landscape, portrait, or any other dimension in one batch. The watermark is automatically scaled to be the same relative size in all images.
    • Crop, Scale, or Skip? - You decide if you want the watermark to be cropped, scaled, or skipped if it is not going to fit well in certain shape images.
    • Watermark Log - A watermark log will show you which images were marked or skipped, and which ones had the watermark scaled or cropped.
    • Customize File Name - Add the watermark text, the image size, or other custom text to the name of the file when the image is marked.
  • User's Guide - A user's guide is provided with complete details of how to use Batch Watermark. Access the User's Guide from the Windows Start menu, or from the program's Help menu item or its various Help buttons.
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