Godtland Software Support - Publisher Could Not Be Verified

If installing one of the Godtland Software programs warns you that "The Publisher could not be verified", you may ignore the warning. This warning is given because the file is not digitally signed. Here are two things you can do to ease your mind about ignoring this warning:

  1. Scan the file for viruses. We test our files for viruses before we make them available for download. However, you should always scan downloaded software for viruses, regardless of how much you trust the Web site from which you downloaded it.
  2. Verify that the file name and size are the same as the file we officially put on the Web. If not, the file may have been tampered with and you should not install it.
    • TourneyTrackerSetup1_0.exe - file size: 1.05 MB (1,084 KB) (1,109,080 bytes)
    • TourneyTrackerJRESetup1_0.exe - file size: 15.0 MB (15,364 KB) (15,732,514 bytes)
    • WordSearchPuzzleSetup1.2.3.exe - file size: 1.07 MB (1,102 KB) (1,128,393 bytes)
    • WordSearchPuzzleWithJRESetup1.2.3.exe - file size: 15.0 MB (15,361 KB) (15,729,054 bytes)
    • WordSearchPuzzleUpdate1.2.3.exe - file size: 1.02 MB (15,315 KB) (15,681,626 bytes)
    • SlidingTilesSetup1.1.exe - file size: .98 MB (1,006 KB) (1,029,164 bytes)
    • SlidingTilesWithJRESetup1.1.exe - file size: 14.2 MB (14,606 KB) (14,955,840 bytes)
    • SlidingTilesUpdate1.1.exe - file size: 596 KB (609,597 bytes)

A valid digital signature guarantees two things about the file: it has not been modified since it was signed, and it came from the expected source. However, you still must decide how much you trust that the company's software will not cause harm. A digital signature does not guarantee software quality or safety.

It is our hope that if you scan our software for viruses and verify the file name and size, you may feel comfortable using our software even though it is not digitally signed. By performing these steps manually after downloading software from our Web site, you gain an assurance that the program should be safe. Not signing our software helps keep our prices low.

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