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Just Published: Create Market-Ready Java Programs: Easy Installer, Trial Version, Secure Online Sales and More.

Do you have a program that you would like to share with others, maybe even sell? You have much more to consider if you want to make it easy for others to use, to protect it, and to sell it safely and securely online. It's time to make your program market-ready. Read more.

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We created computer games of some of our favorite family games. Have fun playing games to challenge yourself or family and friends across a home network or over the internet.

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Learn to create Java game programs yourself with our series of programming books Do-It-Yourself Java Games.

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We at Godtland Software Corporation are dedicated to providing quality software. A lot of thought and creativity go into each product with the hopes of making great solutions for home and business use. We have many ideas of other software still to be written. Please check back regularly to see what other new products we have available to you.